Things which anxiety stops me from doing

In A Messy World

I have made this list to be aware of things I am struggling with and know I need to work on. I’m sure a lot of people with anxiety can relate.

  • Applying for jobs: I think this is the most difficult one, because it is the one I most desire, and it’s extremely frustrating when I look for ones I might enjoy doing, but I’m unable to physically do so. Obviously, most jobs require experience, and I can just about get out of the house without panicking let alone speak to strangers, go through the whole process, interviews, etc.

  • Making telephone calls: I have been in touch with my doctor and my therapist lately, so I can proudly say that making telephone calls has been a little less stressful for me. I made a phone call last week to arrange an appointment, and it might seem trivial to most, but…

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One thought on “Things which anxiety stops me from doing

  1. As a former Fast Food employee, i can tell you that some jobs cause more anxiety than they are truly worth…lol, you get degraded from both sides of the counter and people treat you like an inferior human being it seems. “I spit on those that serve the food i am eating?”…i think you should look for part-time volunteer work to start, there are many opportunities that can lead to a paying job


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