9 thoughts on “Mental Resilience

  1. I think one of the best tools is to stop judging your own actions so harshly…we cannot change the past but we can learn from it’s mistakes. I always tend to think about how i could have handled a situation differently, but unless we figure out time travel…it’s a rabbit hole of confusion.

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  2. Even with our best intentions, we will always make mistakes and commit sins…So it’s best to just live like dory from finding nemo “Just keep swimming” lol.

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  3. We are living in the age of information, so there is a lot to think about these days…i try spend my online time looking at positive things instead of the BS you see on YouTube/FB/Twitter lol

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      • I stopped watching porn and go figure i respect women more now. Also appreciate natural beauty more since doing so. (TMI) I researched that this is the number one reason for sex addiction outbreaks though

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      • Hahaha! That was a bit TMI there😅 But I am glad you learned and you’ve appreciated their true beauty. Huh…never knew that was THE number one reason for sex addiction.😕 I thought it was just the ACT of sex caused the addiction.


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