Day: June 25, 2017


Hey, long time no see! I’ve been MIA I know! Just so much has been going on in my life (including an RICA exam I had to take earlier today), family, friends, work, looking for work, quitting one job and Uber. Yup, I said it, Uber, which is fun, but can be very exhausting when driving sooo many miles. Anywho, *whoo* I have so much to tell you, show you…sometimes I have drafted and some well… compiled up in my head. I hope I will be able to before the summer is up! Till then just sit back and hold on tight, ’cause I got post coming your way.

Summer Reading….On Mental Health


On vacation, but don’t have anything interesting to read? Want to know more about mental health? Want to find more books to read before you go back to school in the summer ends? Well look no further! I have a couple books (most from my bookshelf) I could recommend: