Day: July 6, 2017

Confronting Our Feelings

When living with mental illness, noone tells you the resilience you develop, the courage that would rise within you, and the self acceptance that comes about as a result of confronting yourself. You have no choice BUT TO face yourself: your emotional self, your mental self…  If you don’t, it makes the recovery process difficult. It’s already ENOUGH you go through bouts with the symptoms of your respective mental illness but if you don’t have peace with yourself, your weaknesses and strengths (no matter how humble)…well you know…you will have  major inner turmoil (sorry the best words I can come up with right now) and for those living with mental illness even worse . And most of us with mental illness, unlike the rest of the population, HAVE to face our weaknesses and OWN our uniqueness. And it CAN make us better people because of it. Have better relationship with others because of it. And that’s NOTHING to be ashamed of. I feel sorry for those who CAN’T face themselves, you know some of the “normal functional” people—burying their hurts, running away from who or what makes them truly happy, their fears, the shame of their weaknesses,—the inability to accept their humanity. So how can they accept the humanity of others and those of us who live with mental illness? They can’t until they face who THEY are. WE had to otherwise we wouldn’t have embarked on the journey to recovery. We know we’re going to have good days with our illnesses and we know we’re going to have bad days. We’ve come to peace with that and know when those bad times roll no matter what, even after a good cry, we’re going to get better again and more powerful than before.