Day: July 14, 2017

It’s Okay If You Fall

I use to while growing up, beat myself up whenever I made a mistake or all of a sudden my spark was missing. All of that was just devestating. Just absolutely devastating. So I beat myself even harder and subcombed (although not known at the time) into a DEEP depression . 

Although my family was not supporting my claim that I had mental illness, they pushed me. They reminded me of all my accomplishments although I never thought it was NEVER good enough. I guess that was the depression speaking😕 My family got me to do (though I was more of a zombie) the things I was good at. My mom would remind me how she saw the passion in my eyes whenever I put my heart into something.

And nonetheless my passion did help with the depression. I passed exam to pursue my credential, helped a local PTSA group earn a grant…heck, starting this blog…. I have come to terms that I will  battle depression from time to time or even lose my spark. But I am always confident, because I know have overcome depression and loss before and I will overcome them again stronger & better than ever.