Minority Mental Health Matters


2 thoughts on “Minority Mental Health Matters

    • It may not be just physical pain coming from chronic anxiety and depression for example. But as the quote said “historical pain”. Especially African Americans, it’s already hard enough that people see you as inhuman, but you are denied to receive jobs that help to make a living, which in turn makes it hard to get physical and mental health treatment. Oh, not just that, but there’s not a lot of doctors that represent African Americans, making it hard for non African American doctors to understand us. Doctors can just focus on medicine and/or have an already exsisting prejudice towards black folk before treating them. Then there are doctors who make talking to African Americans so difficult. I mean yeah we have a different culture than where the doctors come from, but they should get to know their patients and treat them as you would any non-Black person. So when you are constantly dealing with the injustices and poor employment opportunities, it makes it easier for the pain to either stay and/or buildup. It’s almost like not only breaking a person mindset, but their spirit too.


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