Day: August 1, 2017

Life Sucks, But…

I have been through a lot, especially lately. Man…has my emotional wellbeing has been put through the roof! Though in spite of that and my circumstances, I came out alright! But it was conscious decision. Don't get me wrong. I cried. I vented. I had my anxiety and/or depression yoyo-ing through the days. However, that didn't decimate my self-worth.
Listen…you'll go through the crap, experience heartbreak you weren't expecting to go through… you'll go through crap while still going through the crap and/or heartbreak you're currently going through… So yes, you might experience some mental health issues and even develop lifelong ones after the circumstances have died off. Unfortunately, they can be the casualties from staying strong for FAR too long. Sometimes, not having the proper support you had needed in dire times can make it hard too. Regardless of the pain, you did NOT allow that to dictate your character.

See, some people can only be (or feel) "awesome" when "the odds are are in their favor". They start struttin' their stuff as if they got it all together. But if ANYTHING should fall apart, so do they. The next thing you know, you or any poor soul that comes across them are at the mercy of their bad side. But as for people like you and I, we know better because of our experiences in life, our constant need of taking care of ourselves while living with mental illness… We became resilient and steadfast. We had to, because most of the time we had no choice. I mean we did…not to, but would have only furthered our internal suffering and our daily struggle to survive in life. So yes, although you may live with a mental health disorder as long you DO NOT give up, you are WAY stronger than either than you or anyone could have imagined you have become.