Happy Book Lovers Day!

I never knew there was day dedicated to love of reading book!. And growing up next to watching cartoons, I loved reading books!  I loved how they took me to other worlds and how they informed me of the world I lived in. I embarked on the lives of the greatest leaders that the world has ever known. It was my escape from the world, it was an escape from the troubles at home. It expanded my mind to a lot of thing in addition to the thing I encountered in my everyday life. I even gained interest in writing, because of the books I read.

Yeah, being smart from reading is a plus though.

I remember as a kid, I was very organized and careful with my books. I’d organize them my series and genre and if the spine of a book is off, it’d fix it with tape, glue or staples. I would do a check up on the condition of my books once a month. I  remembered as a kid letting anyone even my sister borrow my books was scary ordeal, because they never came in the same condition as it did before: corner of the page was folded and used as a bookmark, there’d be a dent on the front cover of my book and especially when it was a paperback, it looked so tattered up! It ticked me off! Still does. I’ve owned books, I’ve borrowed book from the library and from school. I mean going to Barnes and Noble growing up was like a toy store for me (still is). I enjoyed toys as a child, but I enjoyed books just as much. You know…I think I am one of the only one a few people I know that own a lot of books (in addition to a lot of DVDs) growing up. I couldn’t imagine my life without books and I hope one day when I have kids of my own, I will share them my love reading (I hope they will love it too). Though I gotta say, I was able to do that with a lot of the kids I was a substitute teacher for. A lot the kids like the energy and enthusiasm I gave while reading.

*sigh* I use to own a LOT of books, good books…books you CAN’T even find anymore. Unfortunately, when my parent divorced I lost a lot of those books and my dad wouldn’t give them back to me. I was fortunately to remake a new book collection, but still…

Anywho, this is the annual Book Lovers Day so celebrate it with your fellow book lovers or buy a new book, or finish that other book you haven’t finished.

Read the book and watched its movie as a child; both were great. I could relate to Matilda’s love of reading.

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