Month: September 2017

Dealing with the Cards You Are Dealt

This gif below showcases a scene in episode four of “Jessica Jones”,  “AKA 99 Friends” Where Audrey (the woman shown in the gifs) attempts to trap and kill Jessica Jones, because of the ravage brought on by Ultron and his fight with the Avengers in the 2015 film, “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and cost her her mother’s life. Jessica Jones, being who she is, pretty much tells her to get over herself, because she is not the only one who has experienced tragedy. That she, herself, has lost her family in car crash, but didn’t mean she was going destroy every car in her way (’cause she really can).  This scene told two lessons:

  1. It’s not what happens to you, it ‘s how you respond to it. You can see how Audrey’s character parallels to how Jessica Jones deals with grief. Although they have both suffered a loss of loved ones, Audrey becomes a criminal and jerk as that matter of fact. She doesn’t use her anger in positive and what’s worse is she takes out on everybody, especially those who are mutents.  Then you take a look at Jessica Jones. She doesn’t take out her pain on people (although she does inflict self harm by being an alcoholic). She also uses her pain to help others as seen the show.
  2. How people stereotype others, just because of  how someone from that same ethnic group or race harmed them. Well in this case, it Ultron was the real villain and unfortunately (but not intentionally) the Avengers.

Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without having to get the facts.”

-E.B. White

 Some people when they get angry, scared, anxious, sad, confused, they use prejudice towards others who are different from them. They can end up accusing something or someone “different” for throwing off their way of life for them…especially if it is something (e.g. employment) or someone valued (e.g. parent) that they lost. All of a sudden anything or anyone linked to that loss and bares even a slight resemblance to that problem person or thing, becomes public enemy number one to them. I feel like people who do that use prejudice as a way to “understand” why bad things to them.  I get that as human beings, we want better understand things, so we can be better prepared, so we can succeed, so we can spend time with our loved ones. But unfortunately bad things happen to good people.  Unfortunately…that’s just life. While it is okay to feel angry, scared, anxious, sad, confused, it’s not okay to cast prejudice on others. What I think Audrey should have done is to have sought a much more positive way of self-care.   Or sought a therapist. I mean look at the first gif…I mean she has a nice necklace and by the look of it a very nice outfit. She COULD have easily sought a therapist or psychologist. Some people… Anyways, no matter what happen we may not be able to control the bad things that happen to us, but we can control what happens to us.


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