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Letitia Wright On 'Black Panther' And Faith |

Speaking with ESSENCE’s ‘Yes, Girl!,’ Wright got real about how God guided her through a dark time and right to one of Marvel’s biggest films.Speaking with ESSENCE’s ‘Yes, Girl!,’ Wright got real about how God guided her through a dark time and right to one of Marvel’s biggest films.
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Black Panther Rules

Without trying to ruin it, it was amazing! This was decent picture of me watching the film:

Image result for exploding head emoji

I mean…holy crap! I’ve never been…so proud as I have been watching this film. Seeing someone who looks like me, someone who has the same skin tone, and same hair texture like my kicking ass just as much as the white superheroes. Some of them didn’t even HAVE superpowers!


I have NEVER watched Danai Gurira in “The Walking Dead” (I don’t like Zombie movies/tv shows) and from what I heard about her in the show, she was awesome. So I wasn’t surprised…until I saw in the film… What have I been missing?! She incredible as Okeye! Ho-ly crap! The gif above pales in comparison as how she fights in the film! Ugh! I wanted to get back in Kung Fu class again! But I gotta strengthen my herniated back …but dude I wanted to take Kung Fu class again.


Then Lupita Nyongo’….yes…you can look fabulous AND kick ass! She a great actress in most films I’ve seen, but to see how she can fight is amazing. A-MAZ-ING!


Then seeing Letitia Wright make her debut here as Shuri…oh, man! I loved her. Her character was so funny and so brilliant! Again, I wanna say HOW awesome she is, but…I don’t know wanna ruin it for you. But you know what I loved the chemistry between Chadwick Boseman as  T’Challa  and Shuri as brother and sister, will remind you have with your siblings or even the ones that are like brother and sister to you.


The chemistry with cast and even the story line were great! I felt compared to most movies of today, there is so MUCH CGI and “bang, boom!” now days, you forget that movies need a compelling cast and story as you NEED special effects. Especially when they’re superheroes and they much like ourselves have to embrace or they even struggle with their own humanity and weaknesses in order to protect those they love against a great threat. And I felt this movie touched on it very well in addition to you don’t need superpowers to be SUPER.

The Black Panther film has already amassed $111.7 million in sales. See that Hollywood? Yes, black films CAN sell. Minority films CAN sell. There are viewers who want to see people of color on films that represent US. That we’re not just the sidekicks, the funny guy, the best friend, the smart one, the thugs…we can play other roles too and still win hearts and of course, the box office.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I suggest you and I promise you’ll have a “roaring” good time.


Migraine: The Signs

Okay, so I went to see my therapist today (it’s a new additional one, but I’ll explain later) and I told her about migraine and she DID say it was attributed stress. Well…she said it was a stress headache, but I know it’s not because a headache has never made me sensitive to light (it’s making hard for me to do my homework and readings on my laptop), make me dizzy, move one side of my head to another and sometimes linger around my eye area. Even to the part I have sinus pressure, when flu season is already over…at least for me. But man…it’s last me nearly 3 weeks, even with migraine medicine. I had to stop my rideshare job this afternoon, because of the bright lights and dizziness. So there goes my money making hours….

Okay so how do YOU know what a migraine is? Well found some handy info graphs that will hope you understand and recognize better if you haven’t already.

Migraine Pain!

Earlier this morning….

Lately, I have been dealing with migraines. I don’t know why I’ve been having them. Is because of the weather has changed in So Cal where we go from hot to really cold? Probably. Lately, I’ve been seeing that whenever it’s really cold in So Cal, my migraines set in? Is because I’m stressed? Possibly. I am worried about how I am going to make up this months rent. Is because I’ve been behind on taking my meds? Guilty. Or is because of the heartbreak knowing that my ex doesn’t love me anymore? Eh. I’m over him right now. Before (last two weeks) I was wasn’t. But after making a list of writing his positive and negative traits…nah. By the way, if you have a hard time getting over your ex, use this method. It works.

This is BASICALLY what I see. Is it weird to say just looking at this picture is giving me migraines?

But let’s focus on this: migraines. For me, I’m very sensitive to light. I don’t see any waves or zigzags, just bright light. Like I’d wake up in the morning (I usually start my day at 5 am, when it’s not day yet) and this bright light overwhelms me. Aw man! I’d be under my covers for the whole morning. Thank goodness this happens on the weekends, but still this has been going on for three weeks. Three weeks!  What happens for me is that I feel the migraine either in one side of my head or on the temples of my head. Geez. I take Excedrin, but I can still feel it.

At first I wanted to write about the link to anxiety and depression being linked to migraines, but seeing how cold it has been, I want to check to see if it’s because of the  freezing weather first.  Even right now as I’m typing up this post this morning, I feel it under my eyes. So I’ll guess I’ll just have to see.

Manipulation Techniques

You know growing up, hoping for a man who could be “Prince Charming” for me seemed like something to look into, but now I think it’s full of sh*t. In my opinion (and in my experiences unfortunately), charming men are more likely to manipulate women, especially when she is looking for love.

As being an rideshare driver/sexual assault survivor, while I’ve been fortunate to drive for some decent male intoxicated passengers, some have been pigs. One time, I picked up a man and his friend when he already drunk by 5 pm. Due to the unfortunate experience my sexual assault/rape, I was already keen on his behavior in trying to “feel me” by trying to warm up to my good natured persona.Although I didn’t talk much about my life, he made pretty good guesses of my life, while also repeating my values to me like a parrot. It’s scary to know when people can figure out the best parts of you or the most vulnerable of you and your life and use it to their advantage. Or if you’re just casually taking about well…anything it can STILL be used against you.

Here is a list of possible manipulation techniques some people may use to take advantage of you. It doesn’t matter the context of your life or even how smart you are or even if you are woman OR a man, anyone is capable of being manipulated, especially when you’re looking for love.


A Writer’s Rant (AKA Writer’s Outrage): Mental Illness,Gun Violence, and Race


When is the government going to do something about gun control?! But no….don’t blame gun control…blame lack of safety school measures and the mentally ill! The mentally ill! This is what I have a problem with blaming the mentally ill:

  1. It perpetuates further stigma towards people living with mental illness
  2. It does ABSOLUTELY nothing to solve the terror around our schools
  3. It safe guards white terrorists

The Blame Game


What’s funny is that Trump wants to build a wall—a $15 million wall—to keep all the “bad” Mexicans out. So then how do prevent our own “homegrown” terrorists from causing harm to Americans? What are the solutions to that? While I do understand the incompetence of the FBI not looking into Nikolas Cruz when both callers and even Cruz’s social media pages were basically screaming, “Hey! Potential terrorist, right here!” after years of the FBI telling all Americans if they “See something, Say something.”, they do ABSOLUTELY nothing! But then you got Trump and his crew either blaming every Tom, Dick and Harry or skipping around the issue of gun control:

YES we need to make school safety a top issue, but what we REALLY need is to make gun control a safe issue!

So, what after 5 days from the school shooting, Pence has gained NOTHING from the school shooting??? It’s hard to believe how hell bent Trump and his crew are still on creating a wall. Talk about blockheads! NO! We need to protect our children, teachers and staff. How the hell is a wall going to do that?

Really??? A blame game? What the hell is this elementary school??? Yes, FBI screwed up…BIG time, but how is playing the blame game exercising your leadership as the President of these United States??? If Trump wants to prove how great his administration is then he should walk the talk or better yet stop tweeting!

Aw, that’s so nice! Okay Rubio…if you want “honor” those injured and killed in the shooting, then how about getting your colleagues into drawing up a gun protection law? 🙂

Look at the chart below at the school shootings alone from 1998:

(Source: CNN)

Now look at the school shootings that have taken place since the first days of the new year:

I mean what the f*** is going to take to get those fat cats in Washington D.C. to pass a gun control law? How many our nation’s schools and families have to suffer, because for whatever reason they’d rather protect NRA?

Mentally Ill or Terrorist: The Depiction of the Race of the Shooter


Why is it for every white shooter they are automatically labeled mentally ill, but for every shooter of color they are labeled terrorists?  The problem is white shooters are often, humanized. On a Huffington Post online article titled, “The Double Standard In How The Media Is Portraying The Las Vegas Shooter,” Las Vegas gunman, Stephen Paddock,  was portrayed as a “lone wolf” and for that he “fit” the “mentally ill” bill. Then the Charleston, South Carolina shooter who evidently, who told his victims that he was going defend America from being taken over by Black people and even after he killed some victims, he told a woman he was sparing her on purpose so she can tell people what he did (Chu, 2015). However, if a Black or Muslim person commits a mass killing, “oh, my gosh! Terrorist!” Sarah Bland died with the media focusing on her run-ins in with the law, Muslim-Americans are looked at with suspicion for being apart of Al Qadea (or whatever extremist Islamic group is running these days) and the following Islam. Look Black, White, Asian, Arabic, Latino if a person creates a mass shooting among innocent lives they ARE a terrorist. PERIOD.


The Reduction on Health Spending


Okay so Trump blames mental illness as the cause to the shootings that took place on Wednesday 14th. But oh wait….did he tell the Americans about his newfound budget to cut mental health services, research, and treatment. Ooops…I guess he just “forgot”.

With a 16% decrease to the Human and Health Services, here are some examples on how the new budget will affect mental health services, research, and treatment:

  • Discontinued funding for the screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment Program
  • Eliminating of $451 million in other health professions and training programs
  • Reduction towards funding for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment Program of Regional and National Significance by–$600 million
  • Elimination of funding for Minority Fellowship programs at SAMHSA
  • Discontinued funding for the Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment  program.

Source: Mental Health America

In reality, only 4% of violence is connected to serious mental illness. People with mental illness are in fact more likely in fact to bring harm among themselves; this is why WE need mental health services. But unfortunately it seems the government has abandoned us and  put the NRA above us. However in spite of this, we must never give up for gun control and the protection of the lives of our school children and staff. Enough is enough with the blame control of guns



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