Day: February 21, 2018

Manipulation Techniques

You know growing up, hoping for a man who could be “Prince Charming” for me seemed like something to look into, but now I think it’s full of sh*t. In my opinion (and in my experiences unfortunately), charming men are more likely to manipulate women, especially when she is looking for love.

As being an rideshare driver/sexual assault survivor, while I’ve been fortunate to drive for some decent male intoxicated passengers, some have been pigs. One time, I picked up a man and his friend when he already drunk by 5 pm. Due to the unfortunate experience my sexual assault/rape, I was already keen on his behavior in trying to “feel me” by trying to warm up to my good natured persona.Although I didn’t talk much about my life, he made pretty good guesses of my life, while also repeating my values to me like a parrot. It’s scary to know when people can figure out the best parts of you or the most vulnerable of you and your life and use it to their advantage. Or if you’re just casually taking about well…anything it can STILL be used against you.

Here is a list of possible manipulation techniques some people may use to take advantage of you. It doesn’t matter the context of your life or even how smart you are or even if you are woman OR a man, anyone is capable of being manipulated, especially when you’re looking for love.