Migraine: The Signs

Okay, so I went to see my therapist today (it’s a new additional one, but I’ll explain later) and I told her about migraine and she DID say it was attributed stress. Well…she said it was a stress headache, but I know it’s not because a headache has never made me sensitive to light (it’s making hard for me to do my homework and readings on my laptop), make me dizzy, move one side of my head to another and sometimes linger around my eye area. Even to the part I have sinus pressure, when flu season is already over…at least for me. But man…it’s last me nearly 3 weeks, even with migraine medicine. I had to stop my rideshare job this afternoon, because of the bright lights and dizziness. So there goes my money making hours….

Okay so how do YOU know what a migraine is? Well found some handy info graphs that will hope you understand and recognize better if you haven’t already.

4 thoughts on “Migraine: The Signs

  1. I feel great empathy for you Nikki. Good job figuring out that you were in a bad position and pursuing doing things to change your life for the better. I also have had daily chronic complex migraine for over a decade. It’s a tough road. I too went through a period where I was in survival mode that turned into deep depression. I am in a better spot now. Things I needed to do:-stop pushing beyond my physical limits-acknowledge depression and get help (medication didn’t work for me so did biofeedback, nuerofeedback, nutritional ivs, walking, yoga, meditation, prayer)-moved from isolated mountain home to a town near my adult children-started being much more specific and proactive when dealing with doctors-became more assertive in conversations with my spouse-pursued answers about more of my chronic illness issues-joined a chronic illness group online-began practicing pacing for autoimmune diseases and disorders and for migraines-learned more about responding to my physical symptoms with proactive self-care-greatly reduced interactions with negative and discouraging people-learned to value that the most important things about who I am as a person are not removed by all the pain and all the limits on what I can do physically.Still in daily migraine. Still unable to work. But not depressed. Still practicing pacing. Talking more and suffering less on the inside. Trying new migraine treatments and hoping they will someday break the daily migraine pattern.LikeLiked by 1 person

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow…in spite of all the pain you went through with you have managed to find ways to combat it. That’s awesome! I hope you gave yourself a pat on the back. I too need to find more ways to manage my stress. For me it’s exercise, napping, reading, using my aromatherapy candle, playing podcasts and of course, blogging


  2. Good luck on your new adventures. I wrote a post about let down migraine, I get them too //mymigrainelife.net/?s=Let+down&submit=Go I’ve been trying to control my stress and hope you can too. It’s so hard but I’m optimistic we both have exciting new jobs ahead. Fingers crossed!!!!Loading…

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