Jessica Jones Season 2: Part 1-Workplace Harassment

Oh…my…gosh…I love this season of “Jessica Jones!” It was just great! Being that the theme of this season was rooted in feminism, it was released on International Women’s Day back in March.

Now I know when you see or hear the words “feminism” or “feminist” you might groan, roll your eyes, walk/turn away or all of the above. I’ve seen how this term has been getting bad rap and yes, while I believe there are women over zealots of this, I don’t think it’s so bad. The term “Feminism” (as found on means:

The belief in the social, economic and political equality of the sexes.

To sum it up, we (women) just want to be treated like human beings. And “Jessica Jones” really displayed that. And being that she’s a superhero? A great way to discuss feminism in a subtle matter.

So…as a disclaimer, read on at your own risk, because there will be spoilers as I will discuss some to topics in addition to feminism (e.g. sexual harassment/assault) with the series. Plus I will be splitting those topics in parts. I suggest to watch Season 1 and/or 2 of “Jessica Jones” when you get the chance.

In the first episodes and at the end of season 2, there is a bit of a P.I. “war” between Jessica Jones and Pryce Chang (Terry Chen) who has P.I company of his own titled, “Cheng Consulting Management Offices.” To cut competition he wants to buyout, “Alias Investigations”, Jessica’s private detective agency. Of course she refuses the offer, but Chang doesn’t give up without a fight to bring down the superpowered hero. He steals her clients, vandalizing her office and blackmailed her.

J.J: “Stay away from me. Stay away from my clients.”

P.C: “No. You’re a ticking time bomb.”

J.J: “Keep telling me who I am, I dare you. You think I can’t take you?”

P.C: “Are you serious. You don’t know tough. tough is working your ass off to build a reputation. Tough is not letting assholes shit on it.”

J.J: “I read your life story. It put me to sleep”.

P.C: “Yours i s much more interesting.”

J.J: “You don’t know shit about me.”

P.C: “Oh, yeah? Let me take a stab at it. Few weeks of college, a lot of McJobs. Half-ass work as a PI, drinking your demons down, till one day you meet a hapless British clown, then murder the guy.”

To be honest, I don’t know why Cheng is so worried about her business anyway if he already has his own firm. If that’s the case, why doesn’t he allow her to just self-destruct? It’s not like he’s looking out for her well-being. How is making her feel unworthy of job better than trying to build more clientele? I think it’s because he lazy and it’s best to have an already built up clientele. Yes, we know she’s a drunken hot mess, who just happens to have superpowers. Her clients also know she’s a hot mess, but I guess it’s because her great P.I. skills compensate for that. However, I think it’s due more to the fact that she’s a woman doing a man’s job and also doing it very well. I mean, she scored Jerri Hogarth.

One of the many forms of workplace harrassment is sexual harassment. According to, 60% of women say they experience “unwanted sexual attention, sexual coercion, sexually crude conduct, or sexist comments” in the workplace. So what industries are women most likely to face harassment? Here are the top seven as mentioned by

  1. Accommodation and food services (14%)
  2. Retail trade (13.44%)
  3. Manufacturing (11.72%)
  4. Health care and social assistance (11.48%)
  5. Administrative and support and waste  management and remediation (6.92%)
  6. Professional, scientific, and technical services (5.73%)
  7. Transportation and warehousing (4.94%)

What sucks is that whether these industries are either women-dominated (e.g service jobs) or male-dominated,  women are nonetheless harassed. Regardless women should not be mistreated because they are either in or out their respective traditional jobs.

In case you don’t know, a traditional job is usually a job that fits the respective gender and a non-traditional job is a job that is contrary to what the gender should be doing. Since we’re on feminism, let’s focus on the traditional and non-traditional  jobs for women.

The top five according to  the United States Department of Labor the top 5 traditional jobs are

  • Elementary and Middle school workers
  • Registered Nurses
  • Secretaries and administrative assistants
  • Nursing, psychiatric and home health aides

The top non-traditional jobs are

  • Law enforcement
  • Attorney
  • Technician
  • Accounting and Fiance
  • Culinary

And yes, even plumbing. These jobs are more “action”; jobs that Jessica may want to do. So perhaps for Chang, seeing Jessica dominate him in a traditionally male career angers him???  What sucks that even when we live in 2018,  can’t we just get roles that we feel we’re good that? Why should women still be afraid to work in jobs either male-dominated or are traditional female jobs which mostly service jobs (whether in retail, restaurant, or nursing)? All they want to is be able to is to sustain themselves, and/or take pride in doing…what they are skilled in doing. It doesn’t make sense. Is it because it might provide our society some sort of identity—in this case, gender crisis? We should be able to play to our strengths and not to our gender identity and be treated with respect. Like for me, I like teaching not because there is abundance of women in it, but because I’m good at it and it’s my strength.

Yes, Jessica Jones is a wreck, but it was low of Cheng to have used her weaknesses and past to break her. Past about her life, including Kilgrave, he knows absolutely nothing about. The thing was he wouldn’t show the same disrespect to Jeri, because she powerful, influential and is very wealthy. Then with Malcolm, he accepted him with open arms into his firm and didn’t have to use any means of harassment to have Malcolm work for him. Then again, Malcolm was done working for Jessica and that made it easy for Chang to acquire him.

So why is it okay for Chang to harass Jessica? There are numerous reasons, but psychologists in the CNBC article titled, “3 Psychologists Explain Why Men Harass Women in the Workplace” found 3 possible reasons why this happens:

  1. Desire to “protect occupational territory”

According to Shawn Burns, Ph.D, a psychology professor at California Polytechnic State University of San Luis Obispo says, “Some times, sexual harassment is used to intimidate, disempower, and discourage women in traditionally male-dominated occupations.”

2. Perceived Invincibility

Dr. Burns says many  men are surrounded by a culture that reduces women to sexualized objects, which normalizes female colleagues in a less than professional manner.

She also goes on to say that women in certain jobs, particularly those in which physical appearance plays a role, can further increase the level of sexual harassment, because their jobs implicitly condone their sexual objectification. Some men take this as permission to process and react to these women not as people, but as fantasy sex objects without personal sexual boundaries.

3. Exhibitionist Disorder

When someone exposing one’s genitals or sexual organs to a non-consenting person.

Now that I think about it (even though it wasn’t at a work place), that’s what my assaulter did to me…numerous times. Again it was shock, not something I’d expect anyone to do…at least do again.

Yeah so anyway, while this show is not real, work place harassment is real. Sexual harassment in a work environment/field is real. If you have more questions on work harassment including the types of harassment that happen in the workplace and what do do about them, click on the links below:

These tips I think are pretty resourceful, but  these tips are tips I don’t think Jessica Jones would do. I personally I think she’d resort to booze, sarcasm and if necessarily, shake up her assaulter. As shown below:

Alright, that’s it for part 1, look out for part 2 soon!

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