Day: July 25, 2018

Self-Care 1

I’m very guilty of not looking after myself.  In fact, it’s rather new to me. As being the oldest child and being second in charge my mom, I have always looked after my family. So that I got down, taking care of myself…not so much. It’s really foreign to me. I’m use to looking after everyone except myself.

My question to myself (as probably for you) is what is self-care?  How do I do it? Two things about this:

  1. There is no “right” way to do self-care. You know what helps you relax in a responsible way.
  2. You may have been already been doing this already.  Heck I have, but I never knew it, but…I did know what makes me happy and de-stress:
  • Journaling/Blogging
  • Reading
  • Splashing water on my face
  • Lighting my aromatheraputic candles (Eucalyptus & Spearment scented)
  • Watching my favorite show
  • Walking
  • Listening to podcasts
  • Talking to my friends

So, I’m going to try (keyword: “try”)to be more self-aware about these helpful habits mine.

Being that it’s Self-Care Day, I urge you to find your positive healthy habits that help re-center yourself. Even though Self-Care Day began and ends today, its everyday and I’ll be putting on some posts relating to self-care starting with the one below. Have a good day!