Month: September 2018

Jessica Jones 17

After watching yesterday’s event…that’s how I felt. Well… the therapy I’ve been doing, but after watching it….I felt, “Who was I to talk?” I went online to find love and instead I was taking advantaged of… Just when I thought I was going to stop seeing him…I do… How someone disrespected me when I told him “no sex” and yet he thought it was okay to take off my clothes… What was I suppose to say? I told him “No” several times and yet he didn’t listen. What ELSE do I do? What ELSE do I say just in hopes I don’t get on his bad side and get hurt. I remember growing up how my dad always beat my mom around, no matter what she opposed of him doing… But Dr. Ford…she was 15 years old and was drunk and experienced well…that… So, that scene with Jessica Jones and Malcom…I understood.