It Was The Day(s) Without Medication

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It’s been a good month since my last medications were finished and it took until now to feel the results. Since my arrival to Nor Cal, I’ve been trying to familiarize the area I live in so I can know where to get my medication. Though however because I have Medi-Cal I don’t have as much choices, but to attend a county Mental Health Agency. The process is taking longer than I thought. When I was at school, at least my psychology gave it to me right away. But then again this is a national/state agency using national/state health insurance so of course it will take a little awhile while still assessing my mental health. I hope

The early symptoms I felt was irritability and right now it’s become lack of concentration, increased ruminating thoughts and lack of sleep. I mean…I went to bed early last night…okay, midnight, but it’s still early for me, but I couldn’t sleep once I was awake. And now…I’m just very tired. Ugh! It’s hard to believe I lived this way without medication. But at least I know I can be strong (because I lived without it) until I get medication.

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