Day: October 1, 2018

I Don’t Know If You Heard…

Source: ABC News

But Kavanaugh is still approved by the senate judiciary committee, but  per the request of the Bar Association only NOW Trump and Co will do the FBI the investigation.

Why is he agitated??? He’s not the one who had to move from his home…twice. I mean…It’s not like going to  jail or anything

And worse, there’s going to be a “limited scope” on the investigation. Trump is thinking it may take a week, but c’mon really??? A week??? He’s not only applying to be a Judiciary Judge to one of the highest position of the country, but he’s also being investigating for sexual assault charges. So there’s no way in hell… But knowing how bad Trump and the Senate want him in before November 7th….yeah… they’re gonna wrap it up as quick as they can.

Source: NYMag

Using the picture above, Dr. Ford is speaking from a place of conviction.  Kavanaugh on the other hand is speaking from a place from…contempt. If Dr. Ford, behaved the SAME way Kavanaugh did…it would have been a different story. Then again…would it have mattered??? I mean, look at the people who are controlling the Senate Judiciary Committee:

Source: Quartz
Source: Yahoo News
Source: The Texas Tribune

Then again look at the guy calling the shots of the well being of the country:

Source: AP News

Yeah… there’s no way in hell they’re gonna do it “appropriately”. They’re most likely going to bullshit it. Sorry, but by looking who’s running the country, who running congress… I see that… When I see and hear people worry about a guy’s “stellar career”, than the well-being of women who have been sexually assaulted/raped, I can’t help but to cringe. However, this shows we must be careful how we live our lives and treat people, because we never know how it will affect us for better or worse. For me personally however, I prefer character over status.

Status doesn’t to mean jacksh*t with out good character, but it seems people prefer seeing them as separate entities or they put character in the backburner. Or…or…some people presume that just because a person is “successful” it automatically it makes them a “good guy”. I get it…we’ve been taught that people who aren’t successful must be “freeloaders” or “bums” or have “horrible work ethic” so presumptuously they must be the bad guy…but that’s not true. People can work a cash register or work in food prep and be a good person too.  Besides, ANYONE is capable of being a bad person as well as a good person. Maybe I’d be—including the whole nation— would be more forgiving if he just admit he hurt her and sincerely apologize. Then that would make me feel at least  he really does respect women and I can feel I can trust him with the well being and future of this country as a Supreme Court Judge….But that’s never going happen. So let’s save the whole “good guy/bad guy” thing for the movies and tv shows okay?

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