I’m On My Treatment Again!

Haha! This is exactly what I’m going through with right after getting my meds again on the weekend! Yeaaaaa! I FINALLY with my psychiatrist last week, and created a new treatment plan where for the next two weeks I’ll start on lower dosages of my medications and then after that continue going on my original dosage again. Thought it would be a good way to ease my way BACK into it. I mean…I’ve been off my meds for a month and a half and THAT already had impact on me. Now I kinda feel like my me and my body are trying to get reacquainted with the meds as kinda indicated with Sam and Dean above😅

2 thoughts on “I’m On My Treatment Again!

  1. I hope it goes smoothly. I do not like the waiting time. My depression had become untenable and my bingeing was getting out of control, so my psych added another medication. I had to keep giving myself little pep talks of reassurance during those first few weeks, then Yay! they kicked in big time.

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    1. Me too!😬 But oh my gosh! That’s crazy! Yeah I bet you had to give yourself pep talks!😬😬😬 I’m sure you also had to remind yourself all the things you use to do BEFORE this additional medication! But I’m glad as you said it was done and over with😄

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