Month: February 2019

It’s Never Too Late…

The funny thing about that is, is that I used to drive myself crazy on stuff like this…I didn’t get my job after college, I wasn’t married before I went to my early 30s (still not) nor have my first kid and my first house. It killed me… I would blame myself, my parents for my upbringing in such a tumultuous household…

Only recently have I stopped treating life as some sort of race and just more of as I think a marathon. Just trying to keep with my pace and to be able to be patient with myself. So where ever you are in your life, don’t beat yourself up for where you are not or where you think you should be.

Millennials and Mental Health | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Millennials are more likely to talk about mental health than their parents or grandparents. And as more young people speak out, the stigma surrounding mental illness is beginning to lessen.
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Okay…I really HATE how people in previous generations say generic assumptions that millennials are too “materialistic” or that we’re called the “anxious generation” due to the on-bringing of the internet and social media. Bullsh*t.

First of all it’s not fair that millennials are lumped in together, just because of some knuckle heads. Second, who are the ones who made said generation that is materialistic things? The parents. So they should blame themselves, not the kids. Third, can the author blames us for not thinking about buying a house??? Just alone rent (especially in California) is expensive, we’re up to arms in student loan debt, employers no longer want to pay to train people and well…the jobs that use to support generations are either obsolete, overseas or in very small numbers.

But will say something about this generation-the millennials–we are more open about mental illness and thank goodness. We see the value in taking care of it our emotional and behavioral health and in return better our lives, our relationships and in the reduction of stigma.

Don’t Say THIS To a Kid

While this is from last year, it’s STILL relevant. Don’t have misgivings about a child’s mental health, because they aren’t dealing with “adult-problems”. You don’t know if they do and perhaps don’t what they’ve heard, said, or done or even…felt. So DO check on your mental well-being regardless if they’re your child, niece/nephew, godchild or teacher. They’re counting on you.