Day: February 4, 2019

Why Mental Health Myths Are MORE HARMFUL Than You Imagined – MY Psychology

Myths in life are unavoidable. Sometimes we laugh and joke about them. But there are other myths that are harmful in certain contexts.
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It really is. My take on that is this: on one hand it makes it harder to pursue their mental health and on the other, society continues to misconceptialize mental illness

When Your Brain Can’t Handle a ‘Small’ Change in Plans | The Mighty

The Mighty’s mental health editor Sarah Schuster describes how a small change in plans can trigger her anxiety and how she copes with it.
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Ugh! Same here😓 If one thing is postponed or canceled or even added, I freak out and end up not accomplishing anything. It’s bad.

Mental Illness Is The Most Neglected Health Problem In The Developing World

When we think of international aid, we usually picture packages of food, vaccines, and water sanitation systems. Evidently, these are all fundamental needs for a healthy society. However, there’s another, equally fundamental, component that is too often overlooked: mental health.
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