Day: March 7, 2019

Charmed: Tuning Audiences To Sexual Harassment Awareness

So about sometime ago in September or October came a new version of “Charmed” aired on the CW. I have to admit (even though I just began watching the original like in September and I heard about the original growing up), I found it quite odd why they’d wanna reboot a well known show. I mean does the old adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mean ANYTHING to Hollywood these days? Sheesh…it’s like they’re too lazy to create orginal ideas. Anywho, a lot of people who either grew up watching the series or just began watching the series were heavily against it. So why would it be?

One the show was based in the 90s, where 27 year olds could actually get a respectable job or even just any time of job in a heartbeat. I mean man, Phoebe went through sooo many jobs! Prue gave up her job working at an auctioning firm to work as photographer and Piper gave up being the head chef of the Quake restaurant to run her own club, P3. Can you imagine doing that now? Even for a show based on witches and other folk tale creatures and peoples, that sounds like a fantasy.

The girls are different from the color of their skin to their powers. So the 90s version of the “Charmed Ones” was white, while the new one is Latina/Afro Latina(?). The original had the girls names all start with the letter “P”:Prue, Piper, and Phoebe (later Paige). In the reboot, their names all start with the letter “M”: Mel, Maggie, and Macy. Both verisons of the “Charmed Ones” they had the same power, except Maggie and Phoebe, being that they are both the youngest of the original trio, Phoebe has the power promotion, while Maggie is an empath. Both Prue and Macy both put their investigation skills to work, except that Prue works for an auctioning agency, where’s she able to identify artifacts that are either use for or against the girls. Then Macy who works as a lab technician at her university, uses science to uncover magical clues (which I thought was weird). While both use the power of telekinesis. And then as for Mel and Piper they both have the power to freeze. Anywho… I could go on and on, about the the intricate differences between both versions. However, what they BOTH promote is woman power and right to be treated with respect as a woman.

The 90s Charmed version is more subtle when it comes to talking about feminism. Like they talk about it, but it’s not right in the open the same way as the new one. The new one however, talks about the current events, especially the events that affect women.

Haha! They might as well had said, Trump. That scene in my opinion like an “F— You” to Trump.


The new one especially in the times we’re in-the #MeToo Movement—we’re not afraid to call a spade a spade. Check out the scene/ below:

 Yeah the original book of Shadows didn’t go all that deep about demons.


Not that it’s new, but it’s not often a TV series will talk blatantly about such issues like sexual harassment & how it affects people. Or even to come out about virginity! Which I personally think it’s not a bad idea, because society and the media keep villianizing it. People have the right to wait till marriage (or until they meet that special someone) to have sex. The original went into femenism then slowly fazed out of it, then talked about human issues in general. I wanna say that’s because the series original creator, Constance M Burge, wasn’t writing for the show as much.

Sometimes I think it’s kinda good that sometimes TV can be a good platform to talk about imperative issues since people spend about 3 hours a day watching TV anyway. I mean look at what the “Kiki Challenge” had an impact on people…stupidly. But if TV had a better impact on people, we could stop people for example, sexual harassing others, or help people better understand what sexual assault/rape (because not a lot people know what it is even though they say they “do”) is.

So what do you think? Do you think TV shows should voice their concerns on social issues? Why or why not?