Day: March 15, 2019

R. Kelly, Part 5: Misconception of Fake Rape Accusations and Who It REALLY Affects

It is a very scary time for young men in America, where you can be guilty of something you may not be guilty of. This is a very, very–this is a very difficult time. What’s happening here has much more to do than even the appointment of a Supreme Court justice.

Donald Trump



That gif represented my reaction of his statement. In fact, couldn’t help but to burst out laughing. It was comical! How do you think Black families feel every day, when their young men go out their door. Hell…I’m scared for my little brother everyday. I always tell him to be careful where he goes. And I’m NOT talking about ghetto place in cities, I’m talking about the rich cities who may mistake him for another Black man who committed a crime in their neighborhood and he ends up being sent to jail and locked up for crimes he didn’t do. Or if he got shot by the police. It doesn’t help either that his friends who are mostly non-black won’t understand those fears, because well…society accepts them and embrace them, because they look “non-threatening”…I’m not saying they are threatening, but because it’s assumed that people who aren’t Black aren’t threatening. So I am always telling him to BE careful where he goes.

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So for Trump to say this is laughable. You might say, “Well now that he says that, I have to be twice as careful, due to the #METOO movement.” Yeah…it’s still going not going change for young Black men anytime soon. Then again this was the same guy who not long ago called, mexicans rapists. So this question may come to mind who are the people who are more likely to be accused of rape? Black men.


According to a study done by Gross, Possley, and Stephens of the National Registry of Exonerations, a Black prisoner serving time for sexual assault is three and a half more likely to be innocent than a white sexual assault convict. Black sexual assault exonerees received much long prison sentences than white sexual assault exonerees spent on average almost 4 1/2 years longer before they were exonerated. Not to mention they make up half of sexual assaults with eyewitness misidentificaiton that led to exoneration.

Exonerations By Race and Crime
Source: National Registry of Exoneration

So am not I saying R.Kelly didn’t sexually abuse those girls. No. He did. I’m just saying that it is mostly Black men who are the one’s who are more likely to be accused of rape and again like I mentioned in the previous post, only like 6%-8% of rapes are fake. So yes society is just freaking out about such a small percentage, while all the while, saying victims are making up their assault or doing it to make cash, for fame, or revenge. Again let me be clear…all the money in the world will never get the person back you were before. Then you may ask “Why then they did not report it to the police the first time it happened?” or “What took them so long to report?” Look in the next part of the my post:

R.Kelly, Part 6: Victim Shaming


Gross, S., Possley, M, and Stephens, K. (2017). Race and Wrongful Convictions In The United States. Retrieved from


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