Day: April 8, 2019

When Depression Tries To Isolate You, Focus On Friendship | Esperanza – Hope To Cope

Tried-and-true friendship provides endless support and companionship, so seek it out when depression tries to isolate you. By Carol Kivler “A friend is someone
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Taraji P. Henson Reveals ‘I Suffer From Depression’

The actress recently opened up about battling anxiety and depression, sharing that it’s important to speak to a professional regularly.
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Taking Care of Family While Taking Care of Yourself

Taking Care of Family While Taking Care of Yourself

You guys may have heard a couple days ago how Brittany Spears checked herself at a mental health facility, after her father back in November, nearly came close to death after a ruptured colon (good for her for seeking her self-care). I can kinda identify what she went through with the concern of her dad. When I was in college, my mom suffered a lot of ailments: she had 6 surgeries on her knee (one of those were the wrong surgery), a tumor in her full bladder, tumor in breast (I remember she had some sort of breast surgery), a shoulder surgery, and had internal bleeding that cause her (I believe it had something to do with uterus. I can’t remember exactly what it was due to. All I remember is my mom being on the floor with so much blood). I had to take care of her and take her to all of her surgeries and doctor appointments.

There was no time to take care of myself. I was also taking care of my siblings too. But a year into my senior year, I was burnt-out. Still up till this day, I wish I had taken a semester off or some sort of sabbatical at school, because mentally, emotionally, and physically, I was worn out. I did see a therapist, but I never mentioned how my mom’s sickness affect me. I feared if I talked about my mom’s ailment, she would only get worse. It just seemed since I was kid, bad things always happened to me and my family (particularly me, my siblings, and my mom), so that really got to me.

So what do you cope when your family is sick? The infograph below will give you ways to overcome the burnout:

Source: Hospice West Parry Sound


Britney Spears Focusing On Mental Health As She Copes With Father’s Life-Threatening Illness