Eternal Eclipse of the Heart

Wonder why  people know what your feeling? Do you wonder why you can feel what people are feeling? Wonder why hugging is a healing element? The answer is simple…our hearts emit electromagnetic fields. In fact it is  the largest electromagnetic field  in our body to the brain (Kosma, 2018). The heart has an electromagnetic field that is 100 times stronger than our brain’s. This could be why hugs feel so comforting when we’re sad no matter how angry or sad the situation may be. These same electromagnetic fields send out  information about other people’s thoughts and emotions (Kosma, 2018).


This is why, for example, it will feel like an infant is setting a “wave” of crying in a hospital or a person is emitting anxiety throughout the workplace (Orloff, 2017). Empaths however are more sensitive to such electromagnetic fields. Another reason why we have to be more around positive people than negative.


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