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Doom Patrol: Jane Patrol

Doom Patrol: Jane Patrol



Kay Challis is one of the known members in team and DC Universe series “Doom Patrol” . But within her she is made up 64 personalities, one of the dominate personalities is Jane. In the most recent episode, “Jane Patrol”, Jane kinda went through a burnout out where she just basically shut down from a situation from the previous episode and retreated to the Underground.

The Underground

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Real quickly, The Underground is where Jane and her 64 personalities reside, each with their own living quarters. This was where she went to retreat from all the…mess…that was happening in the “surface”. The personalities were dealing with one of the most (as all the personalities) annoying characters, “Karen” for nearly getting Jane/Kay married.

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The personalities catch her sneaking off (in hopes of avoiding them), but they catch her. One of the personalities, The Secretary, reminded her that since she is the primary personality, she is responsible for keeping the balance in The Underground. A balance that must be maintained. The Secretary also reminded her this:

The more things remain out of balance, the  more all of us are vulnerable. Each of us has a purpose. A reason for being. You must respect that.

Myself, (although I don’t put myself in a near comatose state), I can retreat in myself, if I don’t want deal with all the crap in the world. It’s safer in my head and I can be in there until I either found a solution or I’m ready to “come out”. Though usually I’m either day dreaming or staring into the TV or space, when I do that. And also unlike Jane who lives with a dissociative identity disorder (DID). You gotta deal with people and bills and responsibilities on top of living in a crazy world. I have deal with keeping my anxiety and depression in check. I try to make sure that not one disorder is overtaking one another or in this case…me. And in a sense depression and anxiety are their own personalities.  I got one disorder telling me everything is hopeless and then the other one telling me everyone is a suspect. It’s well…hopeless.


 Jane ends up stalling her trip to the “surface” to find and face her past. We eventually see her at meet Penny Farthing at this beautiful lakeside view by a white octagon belle roof gazebo.

Jane doesn’t recognize the place unfortunately. Penny asks her why she isn’t on the surface. Jane responds:

It sucks to be up there. You don’t know who to believe or what to believe or when to believe it.

Speaking for myself, I too want to hide myself from this world. There’s too much to process and then when you meet people it can get even more complicated. Situations can sometimes makes no sense and/or become more complicated themselves. Penny Farthing then tells her to then take a break. As so simple as it is, this is an activity than can be easy to forget or disregard. It’s easy to think because inactivity is not productive, because it doesn’t produce concrete, tangible things. For example, taking a 20 minute nap gives your brain the ability to restore depleted activity. So yes, resting is productive too.


 Meantime, Cliff has entered Jane’s mind to get her back, but only this time he has return to his former human self. He bumps into Penny Farthing who is trying to stop her from entering a well that might only lead to her destruction.


 So Penny leads him through a shortcut through some of Jane’s painful memories:

The quickest way to the underground is through memories like this one. The deeper you go, the darker they get. Sometimes, the darker memories are stuck to the nicer ones. You never know. The mind is a crazy thing.

This was a deep statement. It makes me think if the writer was a psychology major at one time. Yeah, I guess with the good memories come the bad. Without the bad you couldn’t appreciate the good. Without the bad, you couldn’t develop personal growth. Heck…you wouldn’t be you as much as I hate to admit it. I don’t always like the past I came from, but it has made me a resilient, open minded, and insightful person.


 The last scenes of the episode were important because Cliff and Jane had to shed the perceptions of themselves. Cliff still see himself as a man—the shameless, self-centered man that he was, but he is now more man than when he was a man. Then Jane has always seen herself as young defenseless, Baby Kay. When really she has developed into a strong bada$$ woman.

Jane meeting a memory of her younger self before her dad assaulted her

Sometimes what can cause us to lose (or bring) balance can begin within ourselves. Though to achieve this, we must face our past or our hardships, our responsibilities or our false perceptions of ourselves and give ourselves the chance to see what we’re truly capable of and how far we’ve come. Once we’ve done these things, we’ll come back stronger and clearer than ever before.


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