Day: May 22, 2019

5 Things You Can Do to Help Your Child with Depression | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

We keep hearing that depression rates are rising, especially among adolescents. If you are worried your child may be going through depression, here are a few steps to take. 
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Honestly I don’t get anti-vaxxers, they’re either afraid of one thing or another, but one thing is for sure…they believe autism is due to being vaccinated. The funny thing is most of them HAVE been vaccinated and two it shows how ignorant they are about autism. Autism does not have a cause to WHY it happens, it just does. Instead of practically hating on autistic individuals, why not they learn how to love them??? Is it so hard to love someone who is different than themselves? But apparently, they think that autism is “far worse” than polio or the measles. This shows how ignorant not to spoiled to have such amenities compared to other countries.