5 Things You Can Do to Help Your Child with Depression | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

We keep hearing that depression rates are rising, especially among adolescents. If you are worried your child may be going through depression, here are a few steps to take. 
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Aly Raisman Talks Mental Health: “It’s OK to Have Days Where I Just Can’t Work Out”

Two-time Olympian Aly Raisman says that when she has to choose between staying active and keeping tabs on her mental health, sometimes the latter needs to come first.
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Perseverance Toward Life Goals Can Fend Off Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorders

Looking on the bright side also acts as a safeguard, according to 18-year study.
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Wil Wheaton’s Metaphor for Taking Antidepressants Is Spot On | The Mighty

Actor Wil Wheaton explains what it feels like when medication helps his depression.
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Today Sucks (Update) Aka A Little Help From My Friends

Well today I’m recovered from my depression and boy am I glad. It was tough. It felt like my heart was being pulled into this dark chasm and that pulling feeling made my muscles hurt. It was bad. I took Wednesday off from work. I just couldn’t work. I hate that I couldn’t work but I had to.

Fortunately I also had friends from Celebrate Recovery that was praying for me. What’s great too is that they understood what it was like to depressed and they prayed over me too. Whether it was over text or in person they prayed over me. And I think knowing I had people to count on and they were praying over me, helped me get passed it.

Honestly in my opinion, I think depression is a spiritual thing, because it certainly isn’t of the mind. I can have all the will power in the world & it STILL will find a way to take over me. Heck I remember a psychic telling me that while I will be having good things going for me in the future, that there was this dark cloud over me. Damned depression. I feel like depression is like some sort of weighted blanket that I didn’t ask for nor wanted and it just covers itself over me. It’s horrible.

  • But yeah, it felt great to have people who cared enough about me to think about me. Sometimes when living with depression and anxiety, it’s easy to forget you have people who care about you so it’s easy to just seclude yourself from them and the rest of the world. But please, don’t forget about the people who love and care about you. But let me say this, depression is not yours to fight alone. You need help from others…people who care for you. So who ever those people are, be in contact with them and together you guys can fight that horrible disorder.
  • Today Sucks

  • I’m here at work and depression just hit me hard this morning. It feels as if my heart is sinking deeper and deeper into some dark chasm inside me and it feels like my muscles are hurting. The worst part is it hit me while I’m at work of all times. I hope I can hang in there. The first thing I did though was to text my friends and they gave me such warm wishes and prayers and for that I’m very grateful. One of them even asked me to hang out with them later. I just my depression won’t hold me back, because I could use the company right now. Depression has its hooks into me today.