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Perseverance Toward Life Goals Can Fend Off Depression, Anxiety, Panic Disorders

Looking on the bright side also acts as a safeguard, according to 18-year study.
— Read on www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2019/05/goals-perseverance

Super Kids: Change The World !

Super Kids: Change The World !

Dr. Janina Scarlet, author of Superhero Therapy and Harry Potter Therapy, created a coloring book for kids called “Super Kids: Change The World.” This coloring book make for kids with chronic disabilities (physical and/or mental), is an interactive coloring book where kids learn positive coping mechanisms and become superheroes in their life. It’s so fun, that heck! I’ll do this for fun! To get a copy of this coloring book, you can download it and print it from this website below:

Super Kids: Change The World