Game of Thrones Daenerys fan fury, explained by a clinical psychologist – CNET

Janina Scarlet, a Game of Thrones geek and psychologist, has thoughts on why the Breaker of Chains’ deed has some fans feeling so bummed.
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What ‘Game of Thrones’ gets wrong about sexual assault | Well+Good

In season 8, episode 4 of “Game of Thrones,” Sansa Stark seems to thank her abusers for making her into a strong person. Here’s why that’s an issue.
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The Psychology of ‘Game of Thrones’: Arya Stark | FANDOM

Fandom’s consulting psychologist looks at what drives the actions of Arya Stark, who honed herself into one of Westeros’ most dangerous fighters.
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Sophie Turner says she dealt with depression during ‘Game of Thrones’ – CNN

Sophie Turner says she dealt with depression during ‘Game of Thrones’ – CNN
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Psychgeek Book Series

When I first read saw the “Batman: Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Knight”, I thought to myself, “Really??? I like Batman and all, but to do some sort psych evaluation on the the characters of the Batman series. C’ mon.” But guess what I did. And you know what? It’s a very good read.

Although I’m still reading the series, “Batman Psychology” is a very entertaining read, while informing the reader the exact science of psychology. And guess what? There are 10 books  from the Psychgeek series that use pop culture to discuss the dynamics of human nature, its psyche, and how life events can affect it.

These books include as shown:

Star Wars: Dark Side of the Mind

Game of Thrones Psychology: The Mind is Dark and Full of Terrors

Daredevil Psychology: The Devil You Know

Supernatural Psychology: Roads Less Traveled

Dr. Who Psychology: Mad Man With a Box

Star Trek Psychology: The Mental Frontier

Wonder Woman Psychology: Lassoing The Truth

Captain America VS Iron Man: Freedom, Security, and Psychology

The Walking Dead: Psych of the Living Dead

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If you like to purchase these books, please purchase them via this link. Proceeds go to this website.