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International Women’s Day(s)


So yeah, international women’s day is over and I’m showing this as well as some other posts one day after, but you know what? Screw it! International Women’s Day is EVERYDAY! Everyday women show their strength, courage, determination, brilliance, wisdom…that should ALWAYS be celebrated and accounted for. I’m not into the “days”  or even the “months” like Mental Health Awareness Day or Domestic Violence Awareness, Black History…unless they have interesting facts…facts that could be brought out to the public, but alas there is not always much information out there.

Slowly too on TV, women are either having their own staring role or taken on powerful position. Not saying in the past they didn’t, but there is a lot more. We’re not the dainty, damsel-in-distress type of chick…we protect those we love, protect those who need from the people who wish to do those people harm. We can be girly and still kick-ass, we can be vulnerable and yet strong, we could be petite and dominate over our foes. It’s such a great sight to see, especially for young girls. We could be a princess and still be a boss.

Now in the #METOO era, women are standing side by side supporting their fellow women. We saw it during the Kavanaugh Hearings last year when we saw Dr. Christine Blasey Ford testifying how Kavanaugh raped her when they were both in high school. Even young girls came about supporting her. We saw it in February last month, when women around world participated in the Women’s March. Our voices are FINALLY being heard about the sinister incidents that happen at the work place. Took long enough, but it’s better late than never.

We live in a world where now we can be doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, senators, run for the President of the United States. We can be a director of a movie, a producer…so many things; reminder that the sky is no longer the limit. Don’t get me wrong we’re still being paid less, but it won’t be long until we shatter that class too.

So heck yeah EVERYDAY is nternational Women’s Day! As long as there are women, we’re going to keep making bounds!