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Life With Depression..

Life with Depression…sucks. It sucks a$$! Literally it does! I feel like what ever life, what ever joy I feel is like—poof—gone! I mean it could be a bright and sunny day, poof! In comes depression! Ugh!!!! I mean why be depressed when there’s nothing to be depressed about?! But regardless of the reason why I got it, it’s the worst!

My whole life I always thought I felt I was inadequate, guilty, I felt lonely I would withdraw from social activities, lack of concentration, and displayed  bouts pessimism. Though the older I got, the worse! I would be irritable,  I would not be able to start my responsibilities… look when you look at the MHA’s infographic of depression, I basically went through most of the symptoms of depression. Though thanks to my medication, I don’t feel the symptoms of the disorders, especially the physical one *shudders*. I mean my muscles hurt and  I had body aches that felt similar to aches of the flu! *shudders* I mean sometimes it would feel an imaginary cat would craw all over me, causing the aches!

Yeah my “cat” is similar Cheshire cat 
And when it comes to the emotions…it feels as the the dementors are sucking the life and joy of from me!

Dementors! Dreadful things! *shutters*
Once “they” leave, it takes me a long time to recover. Sometimes it takes me a much longer time when going to work and/or school. Depression is just so much harder to fight. But nonetheless I keep fighting! Life also feels so much better not to the blame myself, but rather depression itself.

As mentioned earlier, MHA has an infographic that describes what living with chronic depression (man it hurts like a b–h!) looks & feels like and the graphics also tries to dispel the common myths of depression—especially chronic depression.