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Mothers Day….with Jessica Jones and Mom

Mothers Day….with Jessica Jones and Mom

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I’ve been wanting to write about this since the last season with Jessica Jones ended and since I wrote two other posts (Jessica Jones Season 2: Part 1-Workplace Harassment, Jessica Jones: Child Sexual Abuse/Sexual Assault ) but I didn’t get a chance with school last year, plus I thought Mother’s Day would be good, but then again I didn’t get the chance with my crazy schedule.

Anyway, I wanted to write about Jessica Jones not only because the final season is airing on Netflix sometime this year, but Mother’s Day is tomorrow and I thought the relationship between Jessica and her estranged mom, Alisa Jones was kind of represents the relationships that people can go through with their own mothers…minus the supernatural strength.

I thought the second season of Jessica Jones had a lot of good liners and deep dialogue on the show:

Jessica trying to protect her friend Patsy from being taking advantage of by the club owner

Clubowner: Bitch.

Jessica Jones: Call me a bitch again. Compare me to a dog. An animal that you can kick and collar. Say it.

Clubowner: Bitch?

Jessica Jones [shoves head in mirror then sink]: Redefine, dickhead.


Jessica and her mother in the taxi cab

Taxi driver: Don’t get your panties in a bunch

Alissa Jones: Grown women don’t wear panties, they wear underwear!


We now know where Jessica gets her temperament from (and honestly I loved what she said). But after discovering that Alisa has been endowed with superhuman strength, it has been getting harder to control strength and her emotions, even towards Jessica:

JJ: You could’ve crushed my skull

AJ: But I didn’t. I held back

J.J. [scoffs]: Is that supposed to reassure me?

A.J: Yes! I controlled it.

J.J. Because you love me?

A.J. Or because I carried you inside me, or because we’ve both powered, or because we’ve both lost too much. We don’t have to lose each other.

J.J. You’re insane

A.J. And you’re my cure.

J.J. Do not put that on me.

A.J. And I’m yours.

J.J. I’m not the one who’s sick. I help people. I have a life.

A.J. You’re dunk 24/7. You’re numbing yourself. Is that a life? you make it better. We can be better. Together.


I like how in spite of how much they are worried about one another (especially since they are the only ones still alive in their family), they love each other very much. Sometimes no matter how much our loved ones, particularly our moms drive us crazy, we need them and they need us….especially when our relationship with them is a strong bond. It’s like once you make a bond with them whether it’s physical, emotional, or both you can tell when your loved one is on top of the world or when they are down and out.

Exchanging hugs after fearing they have lost one another to an explosion

Sometimes I think my mom can sense my feelings even as far as she is away from me…even when I’m catching a cold it’s crazy. It’s crazy how that whole mom and child bonding works. Maybe it’s due to all the cuddling we had to our mom since birth? The late nights being rushed to urgent care? The bonding during breastfeeding and/or bottle feeding? Regardless how much our moms drives us crazy, it doesn’t make their love any less real. They are simply loving us the best way they can to help us be and see the best version of ourselves.

So this post in a sense is dedicated for my mom, in spite of all of the things she has been through and all the times she has driven me crazy, but has always made sure I had food in my belly, clothes on my back and a roof over my head, while all the while helping me my best self.

Happy Mother’s Day!

What Jessica Jones teaches us about surviving sexual assault | SYFY WIRE

Marvel’s Jessica Jones helps to provide viewers with a means of understanding PTSD and living with the aftermath of sexual assault.
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Jessica Jones 17

After watching yesterday’s event…that’s how I felt. Well… the therapy I’ve been doing, but after watching it….I felt, “Who was I to talk?” I went online to find love and instead I was taking advantaged of… Just when I thought I was going to stop seeing him…I do… How someone disrespected me when I told him “no sex” and yet he thought it was okay to take off my clothes… What was I suppose to say? I told him “No” several times and yet he didn’t listen. What ELSE do I do? What ELSE do I say just in hopes I don’t get on his bad side and get hurt. I remember growing up how my dad always beat my mom around, no matter what she opposed of him doing… But Dr. Ford…she was 15 years old and was drunk and experienced well…that… So, that scene with Jessica Jones and Malcom…I understood.


Superhero Therapy: Jessica Jones

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Since I discussed about “Jessica Jones” in my previous posts, I wanted to share with you a podcast/episode I listen to called “Superhero Therapy”. Superhero Therapy, a segment created by Dr. Janina Scarlet, on the “Assembly of Geeks” podcast. If you haven’t listen to either “Superhero Therapy” or “Assembly of Geeks” I suggest you find them on their podcast, website or whichever format you use to listen.

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About every month, there is a new topic related to Superhero and this one which was played..well…last year is pretty good one based on the first season of Jessica Jones. I hope you like it!

Superhero Therapy: Jessica Jones & The Kilgrave Effect