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Work of Art???

Just like the comic depicts, I don’t know if people know what they are supporting. They make excuses for the art and/or artist, “Well, it’s only this.” or “You take things too seriously.” or “You don’t understand art or humor”. Why people like to make excuses for their own ignorant and sometimes morbid and perverted interests is beyond me. In this case this guy as Jules says he likes rapey sh*t.

Jules Rivera is a friend of mine and is a very  funny and intelligent person. About once a week she posts little comic strips she uses to not only “journal” her real life experiences, but to talk about social issues that you and I can understand and/or relate to. What I also like about her–like in real life– is how real she is. She calls things out for what and who they are. It’s hard to find people like that.

Jules also publishes her own comic book series titled, “Valkyrie Squadron” which is about female space fighters who are trying to save remaining human colonies in a distant planet, but ends up getting shot down by a robot and are now trying to survive themselves. So if you get a chance, please check out her sites:

Jules Rivera:




WordPress (Valkyrie Squadron)


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This event, AnaCon, happened in February and while I’ve been been meaning to talk about it, I’ve been busy catching up with homework and lesson and all. Attending cons are another form of mindfulness (for me) ! Whenever, I go to cons I like to share the one’s I’ve attended. Though I don’t think I shared last year’s Wonder Con….Hmm…Well…maybe next time.

AnaCon, hosted at the Central Anaheim Public Library, came again for its second year, celebrating its local sci-fi/fantasy authors and comic artists. And of course, no comic and sci-fi conventions would be complete without cosplayers. The 501st Squadron of Orange County was there!

It was fun seeing families and individuals have fun at the event engaging in the activities and cosplayers. Kids taking pictures with R2-D2. I mean, it’s not like it’s the ACTUAL R2-D2 that is used in the movie and you easily find the person controlling it, but just seeing A R2-D2 robot in person is SOOOO cool and magical, you forget all of that, especially when the kids are so excited.

So, the event had a cosplay contest, Sci-fi Storytime with readings, and three panel discussions: “Writing the Future in the Dystopian Present”, “Speculative Fiction Reflecting a Diverse Society” and “The Comic Biz. I attended the “Dystopian Present” and “Diverse Society” panel. The first panel I attended was moderated by Jennifer Brody, CB Lee, Elizabeth Briggs, Lilliam Rivera, Romina Garber, and Stephanie Diaz.

Me with Liliam Rivera (left) and Romina Garber (right)

The second one was on “Speculative Fiction Reflecting a Diverse Society” with Jennifer Bordy, Cb Lee, Jules Rivera, Elana Azose, Gemma Vidal, and Jeff Sweat.

Me, Gem (middle), and Jules Rivera (right)

Me and Jeff Sweat

Me, Jennifer Brody (middle) and Gem (right)

This was my first time attending this event and it was very entertaining! I was fortunate to meet and keep in touch with some the authors…I mean…golly! I’d never think I’d actually think I could befriend an author. Anyway, it was a nice event and if you love books, sci-fi, and comic books, check it out next year. It’s a fun filled event that is free to all people, that I’m sure you, your family and friends will enjoy.

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For Books on the Authors I’ve met:

Jennifer Brody

C.B. Lee

Jules Rivera

Lilliam Rivera

Romina Russell

Jeff Sweat

For the list of the other authors not seen with me in the pictures:

Elana Azose

Stephanie Diaz

Sally J. Pla

Also check out these guys out too (Gem is one you saw me with; Book Bloggers):

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If you like to purchase these books, please purchase them via this link. Proceeds go to this website.