Minority Mental Health Facts and Stats

Being that’s it’s Minority Mental Health Month, it’s time to face the facts…like literally. If you’re like me, minorities such as me and my family don’t have a good perception on mental health. Mental illness means you’re weak, crazy…. Then even if you’re able to look past your culture’s view of mental illness—like myself—you face other barriers such as insurance coverage or cultural barriers. This is why we as minorities should pursue and better our mental health, especially those of us who are currently facing mental illness disorders. Hospitals and clinics will not know how to help us if we don’t say and we can’t look to our respective cultures to accept our conditions.  And remember… this issue is foreign to them, so don’t be too angry at them. Who you tell or don’t tell your mental illness to is your business, but pursing your mental health needs are. That’s what’s gonna make you strong not weak. Ownership in your weakness makes you stronger not weaker.

Minority Mental Health  Month


Latino/Hispanic-Americans and Mental Health

The infographic below shows disconcerting information that does not just show  many Latino/Hispanic-Americans have diagnosable mental illnesses , but it also “shows” what little has been done to educate and treat mental illness in various Latino/Hispanic communities.  Read more for information:


For even more information, look at the link below:

Latino/Hispanic Communities and Mental Health [online image]. (n.d.). Retrieved July 1, 2016 from http://www.mentalhealthamerica.net/issues/latinohispanic-communities-and-mental-health