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Women’s March 


The March that took part last Saturday 21st was remarkable! I wasn’t able to watch it, but it was on all my social media site and it was so empowering! Women by the thousands…and not just in our country’s capital, but even here in L.A. and across the nation and even the world. It was great to see women and men and of all ages and generations come together to fight to bring awareness to:

  • racism
  • sexism
  • xenophobia
  • homophobia
  • ageism
  • class discrimination
  • health care equality

Hell…just to be decent human beings to one another. Though, of course, Trump pretty much ignoring the millions of marchers on his front porch and across the world. But who cares? You know why? Because it is about WE the people! Our needs, our rights, our concerns, our lives… and it is WE the people who need to ensure that the seven things NEVER happen. Including sexual assault.

What happened last Saturday, should NOT stop. It should be going. So, what I am going to is to add pictures of this past weekend’s Woman’s March as a reminder of that day and for the many days ahead we are going to keep fighting to make sure that NO citizen is oppressed for who they are and what they do or don’t have. So happy viewings./!

Our Eroded Mental Health Care System

Our mental health care needs work, major work. Major work that is needed even in our prison systems; a place that is not meant to treat inmates with mental illness (es). According to this infograph designed by the “BestSocialWorkPrograms” website, only 11% of the general public lives with mental health disorders, yet 56% of inmates in U.S. prisons have mental illness. What the hey? Does that make any atom of sense? I will in a later post, get into the craziness of our mental health crisis. In the meantime, just checkout this cringe worthy infograph of our deluded system which is called our mental health system.