3 Less-Known Reasons Why Men Don’t Talk about Mental Health | Mental Health America

As we close out Men’s Mental Health Month this June, consider whether these reasons apply to you.
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DC SuperHero Girls Perfect For All Ages

In addition to being well-written, fun, and engaging, ‘DC SuperHero Girls’ is trying to teach young girls to take care of themselves.
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Mental Health After Sexual Assault In Women And Girls

A quarter of woman with mental health conditions were abused as a child. One survivor reveals the devastating impact of her childhood sexual assault.
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What Is PTSD? Signs, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

From reliving your trauma to constantly feeling alert, here are the telltale signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)—and the treatments that can help you overcome it.
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Because Sometimes You Need To

This is something I’m trying really hard to do, especially when it comes to mental health. I’ll become so preoccupied with whatever I’m doing, that I forget that I need to take a break, because I’m feeling overwhelmed. Or sometimes I wanna go to a gathering, but I’m having a bad migraine. Regardless whatever the reason is for failing to look at your overall health, don’t feel bad for putting your self-care first. It well help in the long run. If people feel like you’re flaking, as hard as it, put your self-care first. As much as you might be a little behind on accomplishing your tasks, put your self-care first.

Let me assure you (from my own experiences) in those two instances, those friends would do the same thing to you if it was their well-being involved (plus it’s also a good way of seeing who your real friends are) and the latter, it’s better if you miss that one moment at a task, than pushing yourself through something and getting really sick only to miss more time to accomplish your task.