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How to Find a Therapist and More Tips for Latinos Starting Their Mental Health Journey

Therapy is still misunderstood, and within the Latino community it’s seen as a something that is intangible.
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Can’t… Just Can’t

I’ve been on and off lately from WordPress because of a cold. Actually because of a virus I was fighting. I thought at first it was an ear infection. I had go to the ER only to find out, well…there’s no medication for it. Just resting, avoiding eating sugary foods, taking in electrolytes. I haven’t been substitute teaching for awhile, because well…as much as I love kids, they can be physically and mentally draining.😅 When I first caught the virus I was spinning so much! I couldn’t stand to check on the kids. And you know what also I haven’t been doing for awhile either? Seeing my therapist.

While yes, I try to apply what I’ve learned from her (as well as my past therapists), it’s still hard without seeing one. I don’t know why it’s hard. Just when I think I should be okay without one, I start to fall apart. It’s horrible. Fortunately though I’m seeing her again this week, cause I’m getting better.

EFT Tapping for Anxiety

EFT Tapping for Anxiety


How many times has anxiety/stress has got you riled up that your muscles are sooo tight and tense? Or once you ARE riled up it’s hard to—in a sense—come back down? Well I found this infograph, tried it myself, and it worked:


According the article, EFT Tapping For Stress & Anxiety, these “touch points” can help you:

  • Release Memory and effects of trauma
  • Overcoming phobias and fear
  • Process anger
  • Releasing effects of abuse

Its been helpful for me, so I hope it will help you too!

For further information on EFT, click on the link below:

EFT Tapping For Stress & Anxiety

Understanding Different Types of Therapy

Understanding Different Types of Therapy


We all know what “talk therapy” is, but what about behavioral therapy? Or music? There are all these amazing ways for us to bring healing to our brains while helping to live our best lives.

If you do decide on a therapy, talk with mental health provider first for more information.


The Different Types of Mental Health Providers

Source:  Access to Therapy

Until my mental health diagnosis many, many moons ago, I thought the only types of mental health professionals that could help with with mental health are counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists. And don’t get me started on the last two. I thought they were one and the same profession. I mean…they are almost spelled the same. Almost.

I was scavenging the internet for the infograph below, because I’m hoping it will help you decide which is the best mental health professional to start with. Speaking for myself, when I  first started my mental health recovery… it was overwhelming! During that time, I didn’t even know if it was best to start with a doctor… or if I should just go see a counselor…. or do I just see a psychologist? All I wanted was someone who could just tell me what I had so I could treat it and I could go on with my life. Fortunately since my diagnosis  four years ago, I’ve been fortunate to have been given great mental health professionals  both inside and outside of school.

So without further ado, continue reading into the infograph below. I hope it will help you have further insight on the professional that will help you on your mental health recovery journey.


I almost forgot! Once you know or if you’re still deciding who your mental health provider talk to your health insurance (including if you have medical or medicaid) for more information.

How To Get Mental Health Services When You Can’t Afford It

Related image

Mental Health…a topic that most people aren’t eager to discuss and sometimes. And due to that, it’s hard to know if there any low cost options to treat mental health issues. Like for me, if it wasn’t for fact I had Medical to get even both of my anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications they would have both cost me $100 total and that was just the generic version. However, I got them both for free. Right now the therapist I’m seeing,  only costs me $10 an hour.

You be wondering how could I afford these two mental health treatments? Well fortunately, I’ve had a good psychiatrist (she was my first psychiatrist, before I couldn’t afford health insurance), I went to school  and found out they have mental health services and I also know of good non-profit organizations (e.g. NAMI, RAINN), that could assist me.  Because let me tell you, I know absolutely no one who could have told me about these free to low cost services. And that’s why I’m telling you. I’ve been meaning to share this with you (but if you read my last article “Depression” you’d why) but I read this article from NBC online titled, “Mental Health Services: How to get treatment if you can’t afford it” they offer some resources that can offer such mental health services for free or low-cost. These include:

  • Looking into either “In-Network” or federally qualified health centers
  • Seeking therapists who use a sliding scale. This means what you pay is based on your income
  • Seeing if you’re eligible for medicaid for free therapy
  • Looking into local training institutes that may provide free sessions for up to two years
  • University hospital or non-profit hospitals that are willing put students to work for a low fee
  • And checking out open path psychotherapy collective. I have no idea what that is, so check the link embedded in my blog

And if you have a teenager who you suspect may have a mental illness, there are resources they access to if they don’t have health insurance:

  • In-School Services
  • Sliding Fee Scale (just like for adults)
  • Free services

For more information on those, look at the link below:

4 Ways Teens Can Access Therapy Without Health Insurance