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When Depression Tries To Isolate You, Focus On Friendship | Esperanza – Hope To Cope

Tried-and-true friendship provides endless support and companionship, so seek it out when depression tries to isolate you. By Carol Kivler “A friend is someone
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Hello, Goodbye, Hello, Goodbye


I’m tired of changing therapists…Whether it is because a psychiatric or therapeutic student completed their residency or because they’re going on maternity leave, I can’t stand change. See, after months of adapting to my regular therapist, she left for maternity leave. Not that I’m not happy for her, I just dread starting ALL over again knowing a new therapist. Like it’s not bad enough I have generalized anxiety disorder. So here I was COMPLETELY get nervous about who and what the temporary therapist is like. Then after a few visits I get use to the temp therapist. Then one day… POOF! I hear the temp therapist left from the receptionist and my regular therapist returned from maternity leave and I will be meeting with her again the following week. Ugh!

Is it wrong to feel I liked my temp therapist more than my regular therapist? I felt like she gave me little things that I felt really helped me and she suggested an additional medication in addition to my current anti-depressant medication to help me better help me with my depression. Ugh! I feel so bad for dreading my old therapist! Adjusting is hard because my anxious self doesn’t like change. It prefers consistency and familiarity… especially when it’s helpful. She left just when she was going to work up a case plan for me. So now, I’m wondering what my therapy sessions are going to be like my former therapist. Oh boy… Anyways, I’m glad I saw her last week when I did. 🙂

4 Pixar Movies That Can Start a Conversation About Mental Health | FANDOM

4 Pixar Movies That Can Start a Conversation About Mental Health | FANDOM
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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help Survivors Of Sexual Assault Heal : Shots – Health News : NPR

Sexual assault is still a highly stigmatized form of trauma, and that can complicate recovery for years, psychologists find. PTSD, depression and anxiety aren’t unusual, but treatment can help.
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10 Causes of Homelessness

There are many ways that can lead individuals or families into homelessness and contrary to what the general population may think, it is not due to laziness or some other misconception. What must be understood is this….when there a little to no resources, familiar support, finances and other safeguards, it can make easier to become homeless. It may be hard to believe, but sometimes hardships can happen due to events beyond our control and sometimes, our own efforts.

The infographic below from the Portland Rescue Mission site depicts 10 causes of homelessness and it can further put people in harm. While yes, this infograph is from Portland, these causes still apply across our great nation. Read on for more information.