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On October 1st, me and my boyfriend attended the Orange County branch of NAMI in a park Irvine. When we arrived I was so surprised how packed the parking lot was! I been to park before and I have never seen that packed! I had to park on the grassy parts of the park along with the rest of the attendees. I was so excited, because not only was I there to promote such substantial cause, but how everyone was walking for the same reason too. I have never seen such a promoted cause done in person before apart from online. Attendees brought their families their friends, their boyfriends/girlfriends, their dogs…some of them wore shirts showing the face of a loved one who died by suicide. It was a humbling and encouraging event. Heck even as all walked two laps around the park (boy was it a hot day. It was about 83 degrees), some volunteers had special cheers to keep us going. I loved they did that, but I was worried about how they would handle the hot sun themselves.

Anyways, the event was quite well…eventful!  I’d do it again next year! You should check out a NAMI Walk or any other mental health organization walk near you that promotes community, exercise (of course), and awareness.

The OC NAMI Walk!


Look at all the walks in this event. Who’d knew so many people would unite for an awareness such as this?

It may not look it, but it was a very hot day on Saturday. I believe it was 88 degrees that day.
I loved these guys! They were very encouraging throughout the walk. And seeing them stand out in the hot sun, made me think to myself, “If they can stand under the hot sun in the same place, then I should be able walk this walk.”
Come one, come all!



A butterfly sanctuary,one of the many scenes at the park