Mental Health in Spanish Speaking Communities


Mental Health Awareness…with Angry Little Asian Girl and Friends

From Korean American Family Services article: “KFAM Newsletter”

Podcasts For Minority Health

Can’t believe the Minority Mental Health Awareness Month is almost over! But it is almost done, taking care of our health should not end in this month, but every month should be minority mental health month! Just like we take the time to take care of our bodies, we should take care of our minds as well. Think about it, with out taking care of your mental health would be hard to function in your social and work life.

Below are the various mental health podcast hosted by minorities. I’ve listened a couple of them myself like “Therapy for Black Girls”. I wish there were more for other minority groups such as Asian and Hispanic communities. Let’s face it, in minority communities its not talked about and as seen as a sign of weakness. Also why I’d like there to be more podcast for minorities is due to lack of psychologists/therapists of color. While yes there’s work and social life can cause or worsen mental health, but there’s culture involved too. That’s why for me although I don’t have a therapist of color, I like listening to podcasts like the ones shown below. However, for those who don’t have a therapist, these podcasts don’t count as “therapy sessions” for the content disclosed here is spoken in a general nature. In addition, the therapies or mental health activities may not be a good fit for you, so its best to find a psychologist or therapist. All in all, such podcasts are fun, informative and at times relatable. These podcasts can be found in either itunes, google play or any other format you use to listen or by simply going to their website.