Father’s Day 2

This infograph is from Heads Together, a Mental Health Organization in the UK, created by William, the Duke of Cambridge, his wife Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge and his brother Prince Harry, now the Duke of Sussex.


Song of the Socially Anxious Mermaid

Father’s Day

If you’re like me, Father’s Day can tough. For me, I have more of “Bah, humbug” attitude towards the holiday. In fact, it’s the only holiday I feel that way about. It doesn’t help that my dad was abusive and neglected to take care of me, my mom and my siblings.

But maybe you didn’t grow in a domestic violence like me. Maybe you lost your father was lost to violence. Maybe he wasn’t in your life at all. Regardless of how you lost your father, I’m sure it was traumatic. It sucks not having a father figure in your life, especially when you need him the most. So, how do you deal with this holiday? The infograph below from Safe Horizon provides 5 tips that can be used to cope during Father’s Day or any other day of celebration.