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Kristen Bell Shares Mental Health Advice While Struggling with Anxiety and Depression | Shape

Kristen Bell shared on her Instagram Stories that she’s been struggling with anxiety and depression recently. She encouraged people to check in with their own mental health and reach out to their support systems when they need help.
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Lessons to Learn on Being an Empath

You know now that I think about it…I don’t know how empathic characters like Counselor Deanna Troi are able to handle being an empaths. While shows can mention empaths, they never really go over the character’s struggles with being an empath. Whether it’s because I’m trying to help others or I’m overwhelmed by the emotions of the environment I’m in, it takes a toll on me. The thing is one it takes awhile to realize you are an Empath and two when you discover that there’s no one really to teach you how to be an Empath and how to, for example, recognize when you’re experiencing an “Empathic Overwhelm” (doesn’t help either when you do live with a mental illness like depression and anxiety) and how to put yourself first sometimes.

The images below help you recognize if you are an Empath, recognize if you are experiencing an empathic burnout, and tips to keep in mind as you live your life as an Empath.

This checklist tells you if you are an Empath
This pic displays the different types of Empaths