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My First Gif!/Killer Frost


I love gifs! Some of them are funny, some of them serious…either way they capture the the things we feel at the moment or the things that matter to us. Mine was this scene I watched on the “The Flash” titled “Girls Night Out.” Without spoiling the episode for those haven’t watched it, there was a scene where Killer Frost/Catlin Snow went to a club and as she was walking in, a guy—who apparently didn’t know who he dealing with—grabbed her and as she was freezing his hand, Killer Frost said this…

Hands Off_The Flash_S4 Ep 5
I put this gif together, so please give me credit when displaying it! –The ResilientEzi

I really liked what she said and thought it was very powerful, because this was a supervillian…ness who overpowered a guy who thought he could get away with overpowering a woman.  Well…the whole episode was about women empowerment, which I liked, especially as a Black woman who LOVES comic book heroes. Sorry,  last time I spoil it!

Unfortunately as seen in the news, men and even women overpower people when they are their most vulnerable position in life…looking for love, friendship, a job opportunity, having fun…heck just having your guard down… Sometimes I wish I had powers like Killer Frost or even the athletic abilities of Batman to stop people from trying assault me, because I’m tired of feeling helpless. Noone has…yet…but I don’t like the feeling. It seems the only time people who harm others ever realize their wrong doing is if you have the power or money to take them down…or in the case of the big film moguls and actors, ruin their reputation big time.  In this case, of the guy who touched Killer Frost, nearly lose his arm to frostbite.

There wasn’t a gif on this scene on the internet, so I made it and did my best to make it. I used a few frames to put this together;  it took me awhile (took it from You Tube), so ALL I ask is that you give me credit for this gif. I put it together, because I liked the empowerment that scene from “Girls Night Out” depicted and brought about  the antithesis of why assault “happens”…that people who get harmed were asking for it.

Letting Go of Inhibitions and Becoming Who You Are Meant To Be

There can many reasons in our life that hold us back from being our best selves, pursuing opportunities, taking a new chance at friendships or love:

  • Doubt and/or fear
  • Previous mistakes and/or bad decisions
  • A broken heart
  • Being betrayed or betraying others
  • Feeling you are not living the life you deserve
  • Feeling hopelessness and/or helplessness

Regardless if you continue to allow these feelings to hold you back, you will never live the life you were meant to live.