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14 Ways to Release Anxiety Pain When You Can’t Afford a Massage | The Mighty

The Mighty mental health community makes a list of 14 inexpensive ways to release and relieve anxiety pain when you can’t afford a massage.
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Mental Illness Depicted Through The Visual Arts


Photography by Robbie Cavanaugh posted on The Mighty website article titled, Surreal Photos Show a Side of Depression We Don’t Often Get to See


These next several links will take you to articles on The Mighty website (a great website if I might add) that use art to better describe what it’s like to live with mental illness. I think it’s a clever idea that people are using art to better provide understanding to others on what it’s like to live with a mental illness. I think it is a lot better than verbally discribing it which is even much more difficult. Through the medium of the visual arts, mental illness a concrete look, because it has a “figure”. Not to mention art has a way of bringing about aesthetic energy among its viewers no matter what form of art. Thus through art it should bring about a better feel on mental illness by giving it a face and a story (as art typically does). So, check out them out on the links below:

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Surreal Photos Show a Side of Depression We Don’t Often Get to See

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