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#In Your Corner

Individuals who have a loved one with mental illness can get frustrated dealing with something they don’t understand, especially on a health issue that is highly stigmatized. But even if that’s not the issue, the thing is where can they start? Simple. You treat a person with mental illness the same way you would treat anyone…check up on them with a text or a call, hang out with them, encourage them, don’t judge them… Although, I have experienced little of these things in my life, they place a big sense of relief and peace. Neither I or the other person is not focused on my health, but on the time we have together and what we mean to one another and ourselves.

Although this campaign is done in the U.K., the “#In Your Corner” is a campaign done by the organization “Time to Change.” You may have seen their photos and quotes on my blog, but it’s because I love the campaigns they do throughout the year to decrease stigma against mental illness and to increase the awareness of mental health. Yeah, it’s the in U.K. but the issues on mental health they are fighting there are the same issues being fought everywhere.  The pictures are but one of many that encourage comradery between individuals and their loved one living with mental illness and how the both of them have been fighting mental illness together.





How To Talk 1

The pictures below showcase how a guy—let’s call him ‘Al’—tries to help his friend overcome his mental illness, but despite his friend telling him how mental illness works in general, Al still doesn’t get it. Regardless, Al ends up rekindling his friendship with friend with just a few simple gestures. Scroll down to see how it happens.

Encounters from the Uninvited Depression

Depression is horrible! It never gives you time to prepare for it’s arrival: your body aches, doing nothing is all you wanna do, you don’t feel like eating or you will eat too much, fatigue settles in, and you don’t want to get off bed. It takes a lot of strength and self-awareness to know when you are depressed. But if you do happen to know when your depression, quickly find something or someone to spend time with.