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Sexual Assault Survivors Wrote Themselves Valentine’s Day Cards – Glamour

The “survivor love letter” hashtag combats victim-blaming and shame.
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Sex and Mental Illness

You know I thought because I lived with anxiety and depression, I wouldn’t be able to have any libdo. But you know what? I do? Even with anxiety and depression! It’s amazing! And you know what’s also amazing? All the good hormones, like serotonin and dopamine are rushing through my head! Where the f*** were they when I needed them??? I didn’t think they existed or there was so little of it. So, then what’s stopping them? I don’t get it…


The reason why I say this is because from what I’ve heard, depression decreases libido. Anti-depressants can also cause a decrease in sex drive,because let’s face it the brain is where the sex drive begins in the first place. So why IS it I’m able to have more oxytocin during and even after sex? Yeah I know…I should be happy that I still have a sex drive. But I’m just curious….  Is it because I wanted to find love in the first place? Is it because it’s the only time (including eating and sleeping ) I don’t have a  depressing or anxious thought???? Or is it my depression isn’t as severe. Then again it helps to have a special someone in my life to reduce such thoughts. I got back with Robert, who broke up with me a couple years ago and now he’s really committed to our relationship. It’s not because he was looking for someone else or decided settle with me, but now because he’s learned to be happy and just live in the moment. He doesn’t pick on my flaws anymore and he doesn’t tell himself that he’s not good enough. Perhaps it’s also because he finished his Master’s program in Forensic Science and just got hired into a county’s forensic department.

Anyways…it helps also that we care and love each other. So, I wouldn’t recommend people with mental illness to have sex with just anyone as a way to help boost “potential” serotonin or oxytocin levels, because let’s face people are complicated already and having a relationship isn’t always easy. Do it (figuratively and literally) with someone you genuinely love. You know…the one you went through all the ups and downs with, the one who finally accepted your mental illness and is STILL wanting to be with you… We, as people with mental health issues don’t need to be bombarded with jerks in our lives. We already have our hands full with our own mental health. So have the moment with someone who make your serotonin and oxytocin levels rise.

My Chemical Romance

To be honest, I thought love was just a feeling, but there is also a whole chemical factor to it as well. But what’s also amazing is how all of that is going on the moment you meet the love of your life or you and your partner are having a romantic moment. So I guess our brain know we’re in love before we do. Huh… Well, look at the gifs below, they will show you a step by step on how love overtakes the brain.

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