Navigating a Mental Health Crisis Part 4


Superhero Therapy: Supernatural

On this episode of Superhero Therapy, hosts Dr. Janina Scarlet and Dustin McGinnis of Assembly of Geeks talk about Supernatural and Mental Health with special guest, Rachel Miner.

You can download the episode on the Apple Podcast App or Google Play. Or you can go the hosts’ website and listen there:

Dr. Janina Scarlet

Superhero Therapy

Dustin McGuiness

Assembly of Geeks

Navigating a Mental Health Crisis

Depression vs Clinical Depression, Anxiety vs Chronic Anxiety….how can you tell between the two? Is it a temporary feeling or a feeling that may be more permanent? Are they irrational or is there something more to their behavior? Unlike a physical injury which is more visible and tangible, mental illness is much harder to see. How can you see a broken mind? How do you prepare for it and what can you do either for yourself or loved one? NAMI created an infographic titled, “Navigating a Mental Health Crisis” to help you prepare for a mental health crisis:

  • Warning Signs
  • What To Do
  • How to Prepare For Crisis
  • How To Develop a Crisis Plan

Over the course of time (a few days), I will display 5 infographs (including this one) on the 4 topics I listed above. I hope these infographs will prove useful for you and the people you love.