Reducing Anxiety During Earthquake

I’m writing this especially after the Earthquake that happened in Nor Cal just recently. And if you’re like me who lives an anxiety disorder, ADHD, and PTSD, earthquakes definitely doesn’t help the hypervigilence (and sometimes energy) that comes with those. Trust me…it took me 3 days for me to calm down after the second quake happened after the Fourth of July.

While we’re told to prepare for an Earthquake, whether it’s going under a table for cover or stashing up on a 3 Days supply of food and water, how do you emotionally prepare for an Earthquake, especially if you live with a mental health disorder and/or ADHD? The infographs below showcase below how to physically as well as emotionally how to prepare for an Earthquake. It even give a rather nifty phone number to call when you experience a natural emergency distress. Be sure to check them out!

Super Kids: Change The World !

Dr. Janina Scarlet, author of Superhero Therapy and Harry Potter Therapy, created a coloring book for kids called “Super Kids: Change The World.” This coloring book make for kids with chronic disabilities (physical and/or mental), is an interactive coloring book where kids learn positive coping mechanisms and become superheroes in their life. It’s so fun, that heck! I’ll do this for fun! To get a copy of this coloring book, you can download it and print it from this website below:

Super Kids: Change The World