Month: June 2017

Uber and Sexual Assault

Erica Holland, a professional dancer, who said that an Uber driver assaulted her

Poor girl. I understand her. Even as an Uber driver, I still have to be careful; I too have been sexually assaulted. Sexual assault is NO joke. So, if you haven’t been sexually assaulted or know someone who has, you SHOULD NOT judge a victim. Survivors don’t report it to “cry wolf” or “get rich” or “get revenge”; however, shame on those who do. Reporting it takes A LOT of courage, without the fear of being judged that you “caused” it or “should’ve known better”, or that reporting it won’t ruin your life and STILL while at it overcoming the shame of what happened.

Although, the guy that assaulted Ms. Erica Holland has been apprehended by the police, she and her attorney said she’d like Uber to have in the near future to add a panic button on the company’s app and mandatory dashcameras in each Uber. Not a bad idea, I should say. I as a driver have a dashcamera in my car for precautionary measures in case a rider wants to harm me. And speaking of precautionary measures…

As an Uber driver I carry one of these babies on me:


This is like the “Off!” for a would-be-assaulter may it be man OR female.  The spray can go up to 10 feet and the way to use it is on the assailant’s face…you can spray it towards eyes or their ears (side to side) and in their mouth. So what are the effects? Check it:


Painful stuff huh? Well…I won’t feel sorry for the person (Godforbid it should happen) when they attempt to hurt me when I use it on them. But I gotta say, having it around makes me feel I can protect myself better.

However, if for you or someone else come in contact with the spray, here’s some tips on how take care of it:


It doesn’t hurt to stay safe! 😀

For more information on Uber sexual assault case and where, how and/or buy pepper spray, click on the sites below:

Pepper Spray-Personal Security Alarms—SABRE Red

Professional Dancer Sues Uber, Claiming Driver Sexually Assaulted Her in East Hollywood




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