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Taraji P. Henson Says Her Life’s Calling Is To Aid Black Children Struggling With Their Mental Health | BET

Plus, Big Sean and other stars talk about the importance of therapy and mental health.
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California Introduces 1st Toll-Free Statewide Mental Health Line Ahead of World Mental Health Day | KTLA

California on Monday launched its first statewide mental health line to help those struggling with mental and emotional well-being, officials announced. The free service offers non-emergency emotional support and referrals to anyone who calls or messages the number 1-855-845-7415.
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Trump Suggests More Mental Institutions as Answer to Gun Violence | KTLA

When shots rang out last year at a high school in Parkland, Florida, leaving 17 people dead, President Donald Trump quickly turned his thoughts to creating more mental institutions.
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NAMI’s Statement Regarding President Trump’s Comments on Reinstitutionalizing People with Mental Ill | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

NAMI Acting CEO Angela Kimball responds to President Trump’s statements about reopening mental “institutions.”
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I wanted to show this earlier along with the post below, but my WordPress app kept shutting down on me and my laptop is sorta not working.

Trump suggests opening more mental institutions to deal with mass shootings – CNNPolitics

Trump suggests opening more mental institutions to deal with mass shootings – CNNPolitics
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White Nationalists are the cause, but he won’t admit it. Universal background check are the solution but he doesn’t want lose support from the NRA, so let’s blame the mentally ill.

Gun reform: Don’t scapegoat, institutionalize the mentally ill

‘Crazy’ is not a diagnosis. And the hate, racism, bigotry and white supremacist ideas of mass shooters are not symptoms of people with mental illness.
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