A Mental Health Database Is Stigmatizing, Harmful & Not The Answer To Gun Violence

In this op-ed, writer Lux Alptraum explains why the call to make a mental health database to prevent guns from being purchased by people living with mental illness is stigmatizing and harmful.
In the wake of multiple mass shootings in El Paso,…
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‘Stranger Things’ star David Harbour: Blaming mental illness cowardly

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‘We are not violent’: Those struggling with mental illness fight stigma, blame – al.com

‘We are not violent’: Those struggling with mental illness fight stigma, blame – al.com
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Long-Term Side Effects Of Anxiety Disorders On The Brain | Glamour UK

How does anxiety effect the brain? Are there any long term side effects? We ask an expert psychologist for the answers.
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Marianne Williamson Said Antidepressants Are Overprescribed For “Normal Human Despair”

“The twenties can be very hard. They’re not a mental illness. Divorce can be very difficult, losing a loved one, someone that you know died, someone left in a relationship and you’re heartbroken — tha
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She’s a pretty good writer, but sheesh…I didn’t know how ignorant she can be…especially towards mental health.😒😑

Why Mental Health Is Crucial for Men – Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness month. Yet, there’s a stigma that prevents men from talking about what’s in their heads. Men are dying because of this silence. Here’s how we can address the issue.
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