May The 4th Be With You

In addition to this pic, Todd Fisher, the late Carrie Fisher’s younger brother, announced in the upcoming link from people magazine online the importance on kids and their family understanding and pursuing mental health:

Carrie Fisher’s Brother Urges Kids to Get Help for Mental Illness and Learning Disorders: “Use Her As Your Role Model”


Autism is Full of Misunderstandings — Anonymously Autistic

Autism is marked by impaired communication abilities so it would make since that Autistic people often feel confused and misunderstood. I don’t pick up on subtle social cues and hints. If you don’t tell me something directly, I’ll miss it. If something is implied I might not catch it. Your annoyed face may not be […]

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Family always has your back. — alwayskeepfightingsupport

A few days ago, Jared Padalecki and Jensen tackles announced their new campaign in celebration of 12 seasons and 11 incredible years. Over this time, not only has their bond grown but the connection between them and fans and fans with fans have grown. I recently attended Asylum 16 and it felt like one massive […]

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Finding Help for Mental Health

There are various resources to help you or your loved one manage a mental health crisis. Below are various websites that can lead to mental health resources either over the phone or in person.

National (U.S.)

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Offers International Phone Number


Offers International Phone Number

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International Sites






Update on my Blogsite

Hello! Just wanted let you know that I made a couple of changes on my blog (mostly on the left border of my blog). They aren’t major changes, just a couple of things I think you will like!

 Films Out Right Now

Most of these films I have listed here, have links to actual videos so you can view them




 Out Right Now on DVD and Digital HD

Click on the image and it will take you to see the trailer


Events I Support

A click on the image below will send you to the Crisis Support Network section of the Random Acts site. Here not only can you sign up to be a #SPNFamily Crisis Support Network volunteer, you can offered international medical emergency phone numbers in case of a mental health emergency

Well… This is for all those SPN Fans out there






In the news cast titled, “Suicide Rates Have Soared in the U.S” a group of high school students in a school in Palo Alto, California created a movie documentary titled: “Unmasked”. This film directed by Christian Leong and Andrew Bear, discusses how this Northern California town are trying to save its kids that are dying by suicide at an alarming rate. “Unmasked” covers various factors, former misconceptions and other imperative topics that once kept the city of Palo Alto mum about the number of suicides taking place in their town.


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To watch this film, click on the link below:


To view the website, go to:


The SPNFamily Crisis Support Network


Hello everyone, especially SPN fans! I am glad that this announcement came out a month before Mental Health Awareness month! Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins are creating this website called “The SPNFamilyCrisisSupportNetwork”, where fellow SPN fans help other SPN fans cope with their health disorders.

Heck if you want to volunteer in this project, this site will help you do that by:

  1. Training for fan volunteers who wish to be crisis responders in their spare time,
  2. Immediate access to support lifelines for fans in crisis, and
  3. Local community resources for those needing additional support or information.

I myself , will take part! 😄This site is still currently in the works, but if you want more information click on the sites:

Jensen Ackles & Misha Collins Give Back to Fans With Crisis Hotline

#SPNFamily Crisis Support Network

Oh, yeah…I almost forgot! If you want to sign up to volunteer and/or like to receive updates on the project click on the link below:

#SPNFamily Crisis Support Network Mailing List Sign-Up Form